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Frequently Asked Questions

By signing up to help establish a specialty license plate for Team Hailey Hugs you are directly making possible an initiative that has the potential to raise $200,000 for The Maine Children Cancer Program each year for years to come. Without your registration, we may not reach our goal. The registration and renewal of each THH specialty license plate will provide $10 to benefit research for a cure, better treatments for children of Maine fighting cancer. Without you, we are farther from being able to establish the plate that would provide much needed funds from registrations and renewals.

To be one of the 2,000 people who help create this plate costs $35 to register.  $25 payment purchases the actual plates and covers the BMV’s production costs. $10 goes to THH to help families with a child diagnosed with cancer Renewal of this plate will cost $15 annually added to your regular registration fee.

You will receive a certificate in the mail once the plate has been approved and established. Bring this certificate to your local BMV or Town Office to exchange for your new THH specialty license plate.  $25 of the payment by the contributor will be applied to the first time registration with the specialty plates. The remaining $10 will go to THH to continue to help families with a child who has a diagnoses of childhood cancer.

Yes, as long as the vanity plate number includes no more than six numbers or letters and a dash or space. The cost of the specialty plate will be in addition to his/her current vanity plate fees. (EXCEPTION: If the vanity plate is duplicated in another Maine license plate style option, it will not be available. This is a statute designed to eliminate potential risk of misidentification).

No. Specialty plate numbers will include no more than six numbers or letters and a dash or space. Numbers will not be duplicated for different Maine license plate styles.

If for any reason this specialty plate is not issued, the contributor understands that the $35 payment will not be refunded and accepts that their contribution is a donation that 90%of the money raised goes to The Maine Children Cancer Program.

The Maine Children Cancer Program receives $10 of the $15 for each registration and renewal. Every dollar received by THH goes directly to MCCP for research for pediatric cancer. The remainder goes to the Highway Fund and Specialty Plate Fund.

Spread the word to your family and friends! Encourage your co-workers to sign up. Post on your social media accounts.